FROM DESIGN TO MACHINED PARTEverything you have always expected from a foundry !
WE DESIGNYour parts need the best possible design. We prepare them fully ready for casting. All necessary drawings for creating the mold and casting the part are made. We can also help you to design your parts from the ground up !
WE CASTIf a casting-pattern is to be made we create it in our shop. If you only need a very low quantity of parts or one replacement part, then we make NO pattern at all! A great solution for worn or broken parts, unique parts and for prototypes!
WE MACHINEOf course, each part can be fully machined. We do all machining operations, if you want us to, so that you receive your parts completely ready to be used.
all pulleys

all special and non special pulleys
special cable and rope pulleys

all mechanical parts

materials :
grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, bronze, aluminium, ...